How we can help the chemical industry  

AFTS helps companies in the chemical industry to increase the transparency of their multi-tier supply chain networks. The transparency can be used to improve the sustainability of single products or even whole production streams. Even in the process industry, it is possible to track and trace products from their raw material to the end product on the shelves per single batch. Add mandatory information (ChemVerbotsV) and enrich them with marketing information for your customers. 

Why chemical firms use the AFTS platform
Sustainability is a must. 
Key stakeholders consistently increase the pressure on businesses to become more sustainable! 

The climate change, the plastic waste crisis, resource shortages, the increasingly strict supply chain laws such as the Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz, regulations like the european green deal and many more arguments lead the society in both private and professional life into a direction, where sustainability has become a must.  

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Our products

Leverage the full potential of your supply chains

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Map your products along the supply chain

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Track your goods from farm to shelf and learn more about the origin of your materials.

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Share your ecological and social sustainability actions with your consumers via a QR code on your product or your online shop.

Become compliant with new regulations and laws in a time-efficient and secure way.

Trusted partner in the cosmetics industry

As Europe's largest manufacturer of natural paints, it is very important to us that the transparency and traceability of the sustainability of our products are guaranteed. With AFTS we are sure to have found the right partner to realize this. Many thanks to the nice and helpful team which is always available.

- Sven Marischen, Biopin

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