How we can help the cosmetics industry

From raw material harvest in Mexico, Madagascar, or Mahrzahn via the processing steps in the respective countries to the storing after shipping. AFTS provides you with the platform to design the product route and track sustainability along the supply chain. Add information such as the INCI and Naturality Index as well as certificates directly to your product and provide your customer with this information via an automatically developed QR-Code. Become with our help an outstanding leader in sustainability and communicate this to your customers.

Case study

Track & Trace of essential oils

Key characteristics of the product

  • The value chain starts in Africa
  • Provenance and conditions of harvest especially of interest
  • Important product within customer’s portfolio
  • Of high interest for customer’s clients

Objectives of the project

  • Increasing the transparency of the supply chain
  • Addressing consumers’ desire for more information on provenance and conditions of harvesting and processing
  • Increasing trust towards partners and consumers
  • Creating data-based proof for ecological and social sustainability actions
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Why cosmetic firms use the AFTS platform

Proof your value to your consumers with our communication tool!

Interact with your consumers and communicate your social and ecological impact along your products’ supply chains through our communication tool!

  • Acquire new customers
  • Increase the trustworthiness of your brand
  • Prove sustainability & human rights protection

Trusted partner in the cosmetics industry

As one of the most sustainable companies, transparency and traceability are must-have for our products. Thanks to their reliable and unbreakable solution, AFTS helped us to go a step ahead in sustainability. The team is really helpful and available for us – an amazing partnership

- Arnaud Bellon, Senior Vice President, Head of Sustainability and Scent+, Symrise

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