How we can help the food & beverage industry  

From sourcing raw materials literally from the farm via processing them into intermediate products (from corn to gluten, from strawberry to juice concentrate, etc.) to consumer goods AFTS helps you to keep track of these supply chains and measure necessary sustainability criteria along the way. It does not matter if you want to define the CO2 emission of a juice or be sure that there are living wages paid for your baby food.  

Truly sustainable products!


Nowadays, key stakeholders keep increasing the pressure on businesses to become more sustainable. Especially in the food industry, an enormous change towards increasing demand for sustainable products has been happening in the past years. The booming trend for biological products, vegan, and vegetarian substitutes for meat, and superfoods are only some examples of this change. Use this trend and the motivation to contribute to a greener world and make your products more transparent and sustainable! 

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Proof your value to your consumers with our communication tool! 

Interact with your consumers and communicate your social and ecological impact along your products’ supply chains through our communication tool!

  • Acquire new customers
  • Increase trustworthiness for your brand
  • Prove sustainability & human rights protection

Trusted partner in the food & beverages Industry 

AFTS was part of our first startup program. AFTS is revolutionizing the black box supply chain through transparency. We got to know the team as highly motivated and reflective, it was fun to be a part of the AFTS journey.

-Alice Kratky, Zentis

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