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Find all your suppliers in your database, evaluate where they stand in terms of sustainability, and identify risks. Easily get into contact with them or request data via our platform.



You can monitor all the materials included in your supply chains. The materials are categorized in a color scheme to identify high-risk materials more easily. This allows you to search for specific materials across supply chains in a time-saving way. Additionally, you can find information on the origin and added sustainability data for each material.


Impact criteria

You can evaluate your supply chain in regard to your own criteria (e.g. certain sustainability or human rights standards) or you can choose from the SDGs of the United Nations. Your suppliers can upload their certificates and labels to create a trustworthy relationship.


Product Route

The product route maps each step of the supply chain in an attractive, intuitive design containing information on suppliers, materials, and impact criteria involved in each process. In this overview, you can identify risk areas in the supply chain and initiate preventive measures to assure secure supply chains.

Make supply chain transparency your advantage!

Interact with your consumers and communicate your social and ecological impact along your products’ supply chains through our communication tool!

  • Acquire new customers
  • Increase the trustworthiness of your brand
  • Prove sustainability & human rights protection

Why it’s important

Continuous supply chain monitoring and management

Due to the increasing complexity within supply chains, more and more things are becoming important that your company needs to monitor at once. With the AFTS solution, you stay up-to-date on your supply chains and don’t lose track. What you don’t see, you can’t control!

Suppliers’ evaluation

Your effort to produce or process sustainably and compliant may be undermined if the standards are broken further down the supply chain. The mapping tool shows the certificates of each supplier so that you can easily evaluate their efforts in sustainability, human rights, and compliance. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

Platform replaces excel chaos

All of your employees share the same data on the same platform. Our solution saves time and money by centralizing data, thus preventing double work and communication issues within your company and your suppliers.

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