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The steps of Track & Trace

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Harvest bags are labeled and integrated into the system

During the harvest, each bag is labeled with a QR Code which the farmers scan once the bag is delivered to the collection point. Then, data may be entered regarding weight per bag, farmer, farm, resource, and location.

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Data is generated at each step of the supply chain

At each step in the supply chain such as transportation or processing, a QR code will be generated including data regarding the weight of materials received and outcome weight after the process. Moreover, suppliers enter data about the location and upload certifications to prove sustainability and human rights actions. The suppliers can see the information generated through their suppliers encrypted, to eliminate the risk of being cut out of the supply chain.

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The multi-tier supply chain is complete from farm to shelf

At this point, the supply chain is complete, and the end producer can see the products’ history from farm to shelf. Due to this holistic data, the end producer can prove how sustainable the product is and be sure that there are no human rights violations happening.

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The data can be shared with consumers via QR code on the product or online shop

The consumer frontend is a great opportunity to share the generated data and the newly won insights about the product with consumers. The intuitive and attractive app-like page includes the data that was generated throughout the supply chain and is captured in the platform. 75% of consumers consider sustainability when purchasing a product. Enhance trustworthiness and increase your brand image!

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Sustainability is a must.

Key stakeholders consistently increase the pressure on businesses to become more sustainable!

The climate change, the plastic waste crisis, resource shortages, the increasingly strict supply chain laws such as the Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz, regulations like the European green deal, and many more arguments lead society in both private and professional life in a direction, where sustainability has become a must.

Proof your sustainability with AFTS
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For your company

Which advantages offers the track & trace
solution for your supply chain?



Generate information that has been hidden until now. Through tracking back to the farm, you cannot only learn more about the materials yourself, but you may share them with your partners and consumers.



Due to the blockchain technology supporting our track & trace solution, data cannot be manipulated but is credible. This enormously increases the trust of your suppliers.



Our solution allows you to backup social and ecological actions with actual, real-time data. Additionally, you can find inefficiencies in the supply chain and identify potential risk materials and risk suppliers due to the various analyses provided.

Which technologies stand behind
the track & trace?
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